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  • 'I Can't Breathe' Town Hall

    addressing racism and the turmoil following George Floyd's death by police in Minnesota.

  • Helping Kids Understand COVID-19

    Pitt medical students Devon Scott (pictured) and Samantha Harris aimed at helping kids ages 3 to 8 understand the pandemic.

  • How Can We Keep Elections Safe?

    recommends expanded vote by mail, avoiding online voting and recruiting less vulnerable poll workers.

  • COVID-19 Cuisine

    男人下部进女人下部视频Hot dogs, chips, frozen dinners—why does a pandemic make us want to eat like little kids? .

  • One Step Closer to Ending Rejection

    A discovery about the immune system by Pitt and Houston Methodist Hospital researchers could help to .


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We are rolling up our sleeves and redoubling our community commitments during the COVID-19 crisis.

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