Group of undergraduates

Outside the Classroom

Students help others, learn leadership skills, and earn credits through Pitt’s Outside the Classroom Curriculum.
Two student interns

Internship Guarantee

An initiative by the University's Office of Career Development and Placement Assistance guarantees every Pitt undergraduate the opportunity of an internship.
FutureLinks intern

Comprehensive Career Management

FutureLinks is a comprehensive career management system for internships and job postings, on-campus student employment listings, and more.
Two students in a laboratory

What Can I Do With This Major?

Pitt’s “What Can I Do With This Major?” site helps connect majors to careers.
Cell phone with emergency notification

Increasing Campus Safety

Pitt's new emergency alert system and mobile app send alerts to mobile phones and e-mails even faster than before. Sign up today!
Gallup survey

Pitt Grads: Long-Term Success

Compared with graduates of peer universities, Pitt alumni enjoy higher levels of employment and well-being, as well as stronger ties to their alma mater, according to a Gallup survey. Read More »
Student at Cook Spring Creek Preserve

Dinosaur Hot Spot

Students work alongside top researchers—and prairie dogs—at Pitt’s Allen L. Cook Spring Creek Preserve in Wyoming, rich in fossils and Native American archeological remains.



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Outside the Classroom Curriculum

OCC provides a structured way for students to receive a well-rounded education by participating in programs and activities outside the classroom that will complement their academic experiences.

Pitt Promise

Pitt Promise

男人下部进女人下部视频Each year, incoming students take the Pitt Promise, pledging to help build a learning community of integrity, honesty, mutual respect, self-restraint, and concern for others.


男人下部进女人下部视频The Pitt Portal is your one-stop source for accessing University online services and resources.